We are looking for high-quality products from around the world

that Japanese people still don’t know, and import and sell them.

We also operate our own EC site and provide sales consultants

for Japanese retailers.

Executive Biography of Hideki  Kishimoto


Hideki Kishimoto is the CEO of DSC, LLC.

Kishimoto is a 40-year-old Japanese who has been operating the company since 2015.

At present, DSC, LLC is mainly engaged in management consulting for mail order companies in Japan and importing and selling wonderful products overseas.

Kishimoto belonged to another consulting company for four years before the company was established, and experienced the same work as now. Prior to that, he belonged to a major mail order company in Japan and was mainly engaged in data analysis, and knew everything about direct marketing in Japan.


Our company, a management consultant for mail order companies in Japan, has led to the success of about 20 startup companies in four years since its establishment. In addition, we excavate excellent products of foreign companies through our own network and conduct import and sales. As for import sales, we are working hard to increase the number of business partners, day and night, as we have just started. Utilizing our extensive experience and knowledge regarding direct marketing in Japan, we are gradually increasing the number of imported products sold. If sales through direct marketing are successful, the product can also be sold in partnership with a major department store.